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What's difference between FB139,FB149,FB299, Which one is more suitable for me?

1. Similarities: They are popular as both are easy to assemble and fold for easy storage. They all support an effective strength training at home whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast.

2. Differences

- The maximum weight capacity. (139: 600lbs 149: 800lbS,FB299: 880lbs)

- 2 Incline positions provided by FB149 & FB299, support the incline bench press etc.

FB139 doesn't have the incline position.

3. How to choose: Your body size and weight: If you are a larger or heavier individual, the FB299 with its 880 lbs weight capacity may be the best option.Intended use: If you plan to do a lot of heavy lifting or strength training, the higher weight capacity of the FB299 or FB149 would be more suitable. The FB149 is a good balance of features and price, while the FB299 is the most heavy-duty option if you need the extra weight capacity. FB139 is the best budget bench for beginners.

What is the purpose of a workout bench?

The primary purpose of a workout bench, particularly in the context of dumbbell exercises, is to provide a stable and secure platform for performing various strength training movements. This stable platform helps you maintain proper form and technique, reducing the risk of injury.A quality workout bench can be used for a wide variety of dumbbell exercises, from upper body to lower body movements.This versatility allows you to diversify your strength training routine and target different muscle groups.The padded seat and backrest provide comfort and support, enabling you to focus on your workout without discomfort.Safety features like non-slip surfaces and sturdy construction help prevent accidents and injuries during use etc...This allows you to safely and comfortably use heavier weights as part of your strength training regimen.

I'm a beginner starting exercise at home. When i get this at home, what will i need to do to start using the bench? assembly? folding, reclining?

Most of the bench ships assembled and folded. The only assembly required is the foot-hold needs to be attached. Otherwise no assembly. Very simple.

Why Flybird Weight Bench?

At FLYBIRD, we design and produce top-tier fitness equipment, with a particular focus on weight benches. Our benches are crafted with the invaluable insights of professional coaches, ensuring they are built to withstand the rigors of long-term, high-intensity use - not just for a fleeting moment.Engineered for Stability and SafetyFLYBIRD's dumbbell workout benches are meticulously designed to provide unparalleled stability and safety. Featuring sturdy frames and reinforced support systems, our benches establish a solid, unwavering foundation to support your workouts.Tailored Solutions for Every UserWe have thoughtfully designed a diverse range of adjustable bench models to cater to the unique training needs and weight profiles of our valued customers. Whether your goal is to target specific muscle groups or find the perfect ergonomic fit, FLYBIRD has a solution that will elevate your fitness experience.No Worry BuyingFor Flybird The Measurement And Capacity Is Actual Result, We Have Sold Over 1000000 Sets Bench With High Quality, Order Today And Get 1 Year Cover On Frame, 30 Days Cover On Pads.(修改建议:小标题Confidence in Your Purchase 内容Based on rigorous testing, our bench specifications are guaranteed accurate. With over 1 million sets sold, our high-quality benches speak for themselves. Order today and enjoy a 1-year frame warranty and 30-day pad warranty.)

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