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FLYBIRD Adjustable Lifting Bench FB3000

FLYBIRD Adjustable Lifting Bench FB3000

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Product Features:

  • Weight Capacity: 1200Lbs
  • 12 adjustable angles, 2 negative angles included
  • Solid Commerical Steel tube For utmost reliability.
  • Allow users of varying heights, from shorter individuals to taller users
  • Certified by ASTM and EN20957
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FLYBIRD Adjustable Lifting Bench FB3000
Regular price $199.99 USD
Regular price $285.70 USD Sale price $199.99 USD

Heavy-Duty & Certified!

For the first time ever, we offer an equal length with the front base and the rear base on an adjustable weight bench. On the FB3000, the length is 21''.

Combined with the 1200lbs weight capacity, this bench will give you the sturdiest support!

Moreover, the four knobs on the front & rear bases can be turned to adjust the bench in case the floor is tilted in some way.

The FB3000 comes proudly with certification by CE (Conformité Européenne) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Versatility Is The Commitment

The FB3000 is a demonstration of Flybird's commitment to providing the most value for your buck.

The backrest has 12 angles, combined with the 3 seat angles, the detachable headrest, and the detachable foot catch, literally every exercise in the book can be performed on professional levels on this bench.

Fast Angle-Switching

You may be thinking:"12 backrest angles? Wouldn't it be painful to switch between so many of them?"

Would we ever give you that headache? Absolutely not!

The pin pulls out and pops back so smoothly that the whole switching process takes only 0.8 second!

A Beast That Saves Space

The FB3000 can be stored vertically. And it only takes up 2.5 square feet of your space!

A scenario that got talked about a lot in the team when the product was in development is where the user has a power rack in a small garage, and when they want to squat in the rack, they can just set the FB3000 upright and put it in a corner. Neat!

The wheels on one end and the handle on the other make sure you can move the bench around with minimal effort!

Also, no worries about the top of the backrest getting torn or worn, as, by design, we installed a protective liner there to prevent just that!

What If You Are Exceptionally Tall?

We got you covered!

The 7.1''-long detachable headrest will give you the extra support if you need it, especially when you are doing decline exercises and don't want to leave your head hanging!

1'' Tiny Gap & IPF Standard

The gap between the backpad and the seat is a big deal when it comes to adjustable weight benches.

Unprecedentedly for the brand, the gap on the FB3000 is 1 inch (flat position)! In comparison, that on our tremendously popular bench the FB299 is 2 inches.You will feel very comfortable training on the FB3000.

The regulation height of a weight bench according to IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) is 16.5''-17.5''. The height of the FB3000 is 17.5''. So even professional powerlifters can go right ahead and get this bench!

Product information

Backrest Angles: 12
Seat Angles: 3
Weight Capacity: 1200 Pounds
Bench Net Weight: 42 Pounds
Bench Height: 17.5''
Front Base Width: 20.9''
Rear Base Width: 20.9''
Footprint( laid out flat): 48.6'' x 20.9''
Footprint (Upright): 2.5 Square Feet
Wheels: Yes
Handle To Move It Around With: Yes
Certifications: CE & ASTM
Detachable Headrest: 1
Headrest To Backrest Distance Adjustable: 2-Way
Backrest Length (plus headrest): 33.5''+7.1''
Headrest Size:11.02"(W)*7.1"(L)
Headrest Weight: 2lbs
Foot Catch Width: 12.8''
Foot Catch Weight (Including Foam Rollers): 3.5lbs
Detachable Foot Catch: 1
Foot Catch To Seat Distance Adjustable: 2-Way
Seat Size: 11.02"(W)*13.8"(L)
Gap Between Seat & Backrest: 1''
Padding Thickness: 2"
  • It is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to upgrade their home gym setup - Tinyhouse

    Finding fitness equipment that fits my limited space without compromising on functionality is a constant challenge. Flybird Fitness FB3000, a versatile and robust workout bench that has seamlessly integrated into my compact living space.

  • Top notch adjustability for the price! Great addition to your home gym!

    Great, well made product. The manufacturing was solid and the fit and finish were as good exceptional. Easy to put together and like the title says it has more adjustability then most bench’s and is cheaper then any of the ones that offer that adjustability. The only down fall is that it’s made with lighter grade metals that make it a home gym only product so it has a few limitations, that also makes it easy to move around and maneuver unlike heavier bench’s. Overall great product!

Email us at with any other questions.


Does the bench offer incline and decline angles?

Yes, the bench offers flat, incline, and decline angles.

How many packages will be delivered?

Depending on what you order, you will receive the following items in separate packages:


Adjustable Dumbbells

Eco-Friendly Adjustable Weight Set

Therefore, please don't panic if you don't receive all packages in one day. Please reach out to asking for the tracking numbers.

Does the FB3000 fold up?

No, the FB3000 does not fold up. However, it can be set upright, saving a lot of space.

How big is the footprint of the FB3000?

When laid out flat, the FB3000 measures 48.6'' x 20.9''. (with wheel)

When set upright, the footprint of the FB3000 is 17.52“ x 20.87" [2.5 square feet]

How long does it take to assemble the bench?

The FB3000 comes with free assembly tools. It takes 1 person about 10 minutes to complete the assembly.

What's the warranty policy?

Flybird offers 2 year free warranty for the FB3000.

How much does the FB3000 weight?

The FB3000 weights 42 pounds.