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Flybird All-In-One Power Rack with Pulley System

Flybird All-In-One Power Rack with Pulley System

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Click to learn details about Pro Weight Bench, Olympic Barbell, and Cast Iron Weight Plates.

Power Rack

Power racks are the centerpiece of home gyms or garage gyms. The purpose of its design is that your entire strength training program can revolve around it. Flybird All-In-One Power Rack, with its extraordinary versatility and durability, satisfies exactly such needs.

Our power rack is constructed of 13-gauge commercial grade rolled steel with 1.5'' x 3'' posts. The weight capacity of the Flybird power cage is 1600lb. It comes with all the attachments you need and offers over 50 training exercises including front squats, back squats, bench press, pull-ups and chin-ups, step-ups, inverted rows, battle rope, lat pull-downs, bicep curls, and more. Get Flybird all-in-one functional power rack so you can do all the whole-body workouts and isolation exercises without ever having to compete for equipment at a commercial gym again!
  • Dimensions Fully Assembled: 61.9"L×67.9"W×83.6"H
  • Item List: Squat Rack, Cable Crossover Machine, Pull-Up Bar Power tower, Dip Bar, and other free attachments
  • Adjustment Holes: 20
  • Material: 13 Gauge Commercial Rolled Steel (1.5'' x 3'' Posts)
  • Safety Bar Capacity: 700lb
  • Cable Capacity: 440lb 
  • Dip Bar Capacity: 350lb 
  • J Hooks Capacity: 500lb
  • Pull Up Bar Capacity: 440lb

Pro Weight Bench

Be the athlete you always imagined. We believe that there's always room for improvement, so we designed the Flybird Weightbench to enable you to achieve your personal best. This bench has 7 backrest positions and 3 seat positions so you can do all kinds of different exercises. Add more value to your training by laying back while doing crunches or obliques. The bench's durable, high-density foam padding provides comfort and support while exercising. The bench can be positioned at 90 degrees for seated press, bent over rows, inclines, and decline exercises.


  • Length: 48'' (122 cm)
  • Width: 25'' (63.5cm), Front Base Width: 13'' (33 cm)
  • Height: 17.7'' (45 cm)
  • Backrest Length: 34'' (87cm)
  • 3 Seat Angles: flat, 13°, 25°
  • 7 Back Angles: 24°, 40°, 50°, 69°, 90°, flat, and -11°
  • Weight Capacity: 1200lbs
  • Item Weight: 48.5LB

Olympic Barbell:

A barbell is the most versatile tool in any commercial or home gym. You need it for foundational compound exercises such as deadlifting, squatting, and bench pressing, or exercises targeting specific muscle groups such as the hip thrust.


  • Purpose of use: Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, bench press, squat, deadlift, hip thrust etc.)
  • Length: 86.6''
  • Weight: 20KG (45.5lb)
  • Load Limit: 1,700lb
  • Color: Black
  • Shaft Length: 51.6''
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 16.3'' x 2
  • Knurl Type: Hill (relatively smooth)
  • Center Knurl: Yes
  • Knurl Marks: Single (IPF)
  • Knurl Depth: 0.06''
  • Shaft Diameter (where you grab the barbell): 1.1''
  • Sleeve Diameter (where you load weight plates): 1.98''
  • Sleeve Style: Ribbed (a little hard on loading & unloading plates, but the plates stay on them more firmly)
  • Rotation Mechanism: Bearing & Bushing
  • Coating: Black Phosphate

Cast Iron Weight Plates (Click here to check out its own page)

  • Materials: Cast Iron
  • Thickness:【10lb: 1.0"】【25lb: 1.5“】【35lb: 1.5“】【45lb: 1.5“】
  • Hole Diameter: 2'', fits all Olympic barbells
  • Plates Diameter:【10lb: 8.8"】【25lb: 10.7“】【35lb: 14.3“】【45lb: 17.7“】

140LB Set = 10LB Pair + 25LB Pair + 35LB Pair

160LB Set = 10LB Pair + 25LB Pair + 45LB Pair

230LB Set = 10LB Pair + 25LB Pair + 35LB Pair + 45LB Pair

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Flybird All-In-One Power Rack with Pulley System
$1,142.84 USD $799.99 USD
Regular price $799.99 USD Sale price $1,142.84 USD

Outstanding Stability

Outstanding stability with the tower-structured frame design, constructed from heavy-duty commercial steel capable of supporting up to 1600lb. Equipped with flat feet and 14 reinforcing tabs, Flybird Power Rack remains rock-solid during any workout, ensuring your focus stays solely on your fitness routine.

All In One Cable Crossover System

Flybird Home Gym Power Rack features a precision-engineered cable crossover system. The high-strength steel-wrapped cables ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation, providing a durable and resilient fitness experience. The ratio of weight to pull is very close to 2:1. Unlock full-body muscle training with this all-in-one machine with its 20 adjustable height positions, versatile Dual Pulley system, cable bar, and multi-position cable handle. Additionally, laser-cut numbers (from 1 to 20) are machined into every hole on the rack to ensure easy attachment and alignment.


  • Safety bar Capacity: 700lb
  • Cable Capacity:440lb
  • Dip Bar Capacity:350lb
  • Pull-Up Bar Capacity: 440lb
  • J Hook Capacity: 500lb

With its reliable and robust design, Flybird power rack assists beginners as well as athletes in achieving their fitness goals. The stable platform and thoughtful design allow you to concentrate on form and technique without worry.

Various Attachments Compatibility

The package comes with lat pull down bar*1, tricep rope*1, cable bar*1, multi-position cable handle*2, J-Hook*2, safety bar*2, wide/narrow dip bar*2, 360° landmine*1, foot pedal*2, battle rope ring*1, weight/barbell holder*1, band peg*6, 1" barbell clamps*2, 2" barbell clamps*2.

Over 50 Exercise Movements

Various exercises are included, such as Wide and Narrow Lat Pull-downs, Landmine Movements, Seated Cable Rows, Bench Press, Squat, Deadlifts, Bicep Curls, Triceps Extensions, Pull-Ups, Chin-ups, Dips, and more.

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What is the dimension when it is fully assembled?


What is the Max user weight?


What is the depth of the rack?


How many packages will be delivered?

We split the order into three packages because of the size and the weight.

How long does it take to assemble this rack?

We provide clear and easy installation instructions. We recommend 2-3 people to assemble this rack. Full assembly takes about 1 hour.