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800LBS Capacity / #1 Best Selling

FLYBIRD Adjustable Workout Bench FB149

FLYBIRD Adjustable Workout Bench FB149

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Important: the bench has been upgraded to flat feet for even more stability, as shown in the first photo.

If you see a product review saying that our weight bench is too tall, please don't worry. This tremendonsly popular bench's height has been updated from about 20'' to 18.8'' long ago in 2022.

FB149 Specifications

  • Length: 45.5'' (115.6 cm) (unfolded flat)
  • Width: 14.2'' (36 cm) (unfolded flat)
  • Height: 18.8'' (47.8 cm) (unfolded flat)
  • Backrest Length: 30'' 
  • Backrest Width: 10"
  • Seat Length: 16.5"
  • Seat Width:13.7"
  • 3 Seat Angles: flat, 12°, 23°
  • 8 Back Angles: 90°, 70°, 52°, 38°, 24°, flat and decline (-9°, -30°)
  • Stowed Dimensions: 30'' L x 14.2'' W x 9'' H
  • Weight Capacity: 800lbs (363kg)
  • Suitable for User's Height: Up to 6'2'' 
  • Item Weight: 28.5LBS

Furthermore, we provide you with 2 one-stop solutions:

No.1: FB149 + Our highly sought-after adjustable dumbbells (25lb or 55lb).

Our adjustable dumbbells have been extremely popular since the very start. Customers love them for their

  • Space-saving capabilities (up to 80%, 1 set for 5 sets!)
  • quick and convenient weight switch (just twist it!)
  • great looks
And now, we have upgraded them to 2023 new versions! Now, the bar is coated with TPE, Thermoplastic Elastomer materials. They are durable and much more comfortable to hold than metal, without compromising any gripping friction. TPE materials do not contain any toxins and are 100% safe for human health.
The weight plates have been upgraded to carbon steel coated with high-quality nylon, durable and pleasing to the eye.

Adjustable Dumbbells Specifications:

Gears available: 25lb Adjustable Dumbbells: 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, and 25lb.
                          55lb Adjustable Dumbbells: 15lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb, and 55lb.

No.2: FB149 + Eco-Friendly Multi-Functional Weight Set.

Still got the headache that all your essential equipment takes up way too much space? Here's the answer! Get dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and push-up stands in just one weight set!

You can do so many exercises with the set, and the best part is, it can be stowed conveniently in a cupboard, under your bed, or wherever you want, really.

Now, here's the catch. We coat the gripping bars with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene).

Characteristics of ABS:

  • Durable
  • Structurally stable
  • Resistant to corrosion, impact, chemicals, and wear
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Fully recyclable
So get this odor-free weight set with FB149, and start your fitness journey in the comfort of your living room!
Weight Options: 50lb/70lb/90lb
Product details: Multi-Functional Weight Set

Multi-Functional Dumbbells Specifications:

  • Weights Options: 50lbs/70lb/90lb
  • Product Dimensions: 22.8"L x 12"W(50lb); 24"L x 12.2"W(70lb); 22.45"L x 12.6"W(90lb)
  • Handle Diameter: 1"
  • Barbell Length: 22.7"
  • Handle Material: Alloy Steel
  • Package Dimension: 23.2"(L) x 12.3"(W) x 8"(H)
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      FLYBIRD Adjustable Workout Bench FB149
      $169.98 USD $118.99 USD
      Regular price $118.99 USD Sale price $169.98 USD



      Durable & Stable

      Steel frame with a weight capacity of 800lbs. The triangular structure provides extra durability during exercise!

      Ultimate Adjustable Weight Bench

      With 8 backrest angles and 3 seat angles, you can customize your workout to target specific muscle groups.

      Compact for Small Space

      Folds easily for easy storage and portability. The size of this product makes it perfect for any bedroom or office!

      Automatic Lock

      The Safety FAST BOLT ensures safe storage and keeps it locked in place at every setting so your bench doesn't wobble out of place during workouts.

      Excellent Comfort

      The 1.8" soft foam padding with VEGAN leather will allow you to do any exercise with a very comfortable feeling!

      No Worry Buying

      • 1 Year Warranty

        We are industry leaders offering you 1 year of warranty coverage on all your workout equipment.


        Received your products but changed your mind? No problem. Simply send it back within 30 days.


        Enjoy free shipping on all orders. We ship out orders every single business day before 12pm. Order today and receive it the same week.

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      Email us at with any other questions.


      Does the bench incline/decline?

      Yes, it can be both inclined and declined. It has all angles that would be desired during a workout.

      Does it come with the tools for assembly?

      Our bench comes pre-assembled. It comes ready to use right out of the package.

      Is the front foot pad attachment removable?

      Yes, it is removable and you can use the bench without it if you prefer.

      What are the differences between FB149 and FB299?

      Compared to FB149, FB299

      1. offers more weight capacity, 880lb versus FB149's 800lb.

      2. offers 1 more back pad position.

      3. is 1'' longer.

      Check out FB299=>>>.