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10 Answers to Your Questions About Flybird Weight Bench


f you are interested in Flybird Bench, I believe that you are one of the people who like to get good things. In this case, you will get an appropriate product. In addition, it should be a product that can provide benefits for you. You might be curious about what these benefits or features are. Of course, you can get several benefits and features when saving money and getting the best goods, but it all began with asking questions. This article will give answers to your questions about Flybird Fitness.

Could I Do Incline Situps on This Bench?

Yes, you can do incline situps on this bench. This bench is sturdy and stable enough to handle any exercise you put it through. It is also rated for 600lbs weight capacity. It is a solid piece of equipment. You can do incline situps on this bench. The decline position offers an easier way to perform decline situps (also known as reverse crunches). If you want to do incline situps, you can constantly adjust the bench and use it in a flat position.

What Is the Size of Flybird Bench When Folded?

The foldable weight bench is the most convenient and practical feature of this workout bench, for you can fold it up and store it under the bed or closet when you finish the workout. It saves so much space for you and is easy to carry out. The exact folded dimension is 31" x 11 ", which lets you quickly put it in your car. The lightweight makes it easy to carry out or move around. This is why so many people choose it as their home gym equipment.

Can Flybird Bench Be Used for Bench Presses?

You can do a bench press on the Flybird Bench, but it isn't designed for this exercise. The bench is designed to be stationary and bolted to the ground to don't slide around on you while doing activities like squatting or shoulder pressing. It also has a narrow seat because it is designed for those exercises. If you want to do a bench press, the best bet is to get an adjustable weight bench specifically designed for this exercise.

Would I Reach the Floor If I'm Only 5'2?

The answer is yes, with the bench at its lowest setting (height of 16"), a person of 5'2" should have no trouble reaching the floor to do pushups. We have found that people tend to overestimate what height they need to get to the bottom while performing pushups. This is because reaching full extension on a pushup requires less size than one might think. Most people, their arms will only extend about 6-8" from their body when performing a pushup. So if you are 5'2" tall and your arms are 6", you would only need 10" of height for your hands to reach the floor at full extension in a pushup position.

How Can I Adjust the Angles of Workout Flybird Bench?

The Flybird Bench is designed to support the most common angle settings (incline, decline, and flat), which are great for various exercises on , Flybird adjustable dumbbell. Here are steps to adjust the angle:


  • Unfold the bench to its full upright position and place it on a flat surface.
  • Find each of the four tension knobs located on the underside of the bench facing down. Then insert your fingers or an Allen wrench into each knob and turn them counterclockwise until they're entirely loose.
  • Lift on the bench and set it at an angle (incline, decline, or flat). You can move it to any custom angle between these three positions to find your preferred setting for working out, but we recommend keeping the back pad at a 90-degree angle to avoid injury.
  • Once you've found your desired angle, hold the back pad in place with one hand and tighten each knob by turning it clockwise with your other hand or with an Allen wrench until they're snug but not too tight.


How Stable Is Flybird Bench? Does It Wobble Even a Little?

Fly bird benches are designed to be stable and wobble-free at all times. It is tough to force the bench to move out of position with the backrest in place. If you push on the seat while sitting on it, you will create a wobble (as with any bench), but that is not how Flybird benches are intended to be used. To achieve maximum stability and safety, the backrest should always be upright. If you want to lie horizontally on the bench, remove the backrest (it can be attached in seconds). The result of this design is a bench that has excellent stability and a rock-solid feel.

Can You Store This in Covered Patio/Balcony? Will It Last?

This bench is weather resistant but not waterproof. Storing it on an uncovered patio or balcony will expose it to rain and moisture, which will damage the wood. The top is made of solid Acacia wood with a natural, distressed look and is weather-resistant. Wood has natural color and grain pattern variations and may differ from the photo shown here. If you're storing it outside all year round, investing in a cover to keep it dry or bringing it inside during wet weather is recommended.

Does This Foldable Flybird Bench Have Wheels?

No, this foldable fly bird bench doesn't have wheels. It is unnecessary to have wheels. The bench's surface is very smooth, and the bar is already very light, so it is easy to move. The weight of the fly bird court is about 30 pounds. This bench can be moved around without wheels. It's not too heavy to carry around, and it has handles. If you need to move it from one room to another room or outside in your backyard for a workout, it's no problem.

How Do You Set up the Foot Rest of Flybird Bench?

It's straightforward to set up the footrest. You need to screw the feet on. The feet have been pre-installed on the bottom tube of the bench already, so you don't need to use washers during assembly. Here are steps to Set up the Foot Rest of Flybird benches:

  • Unscrew one of the two screws that hold the bottom tube in place.
  • Take off the plastic cover and insert one of the footrests into the pre-drilled holes.
  • Put back on the plastic cover and screw it back into its original position.


Could I Do Decline Situps on Flybird Bench?

The answer is Yes. Decline situps help develop your lower abdominal muscle fibers. They also help stretch and strengthen the hip flexors in your upper legs. Because of the limited range of motion, you have on the bench, you should perform fewer repetitions per set than you would with a standard situp. Here are how to do situps on a Flybird bench:

  • Position yourself on a decline bench to secure both feet into the footrest. Hold onto the sides of the bench for support as you lie flat on your back and then raise your arms above your head.
  • Slowly raise your torso toward your knees by contracting the abs. Pause for a moment, then slowly return to starting position and repeat.


Wrapping Up

The Flybird bench comes with a full range of height, width, and depth options to suit the dimensions of any shower. Other features include an extra-large molded seat for added comfort, an optional recessed deck for easy cleaning, Flybird weight bench, and superb durability. The curved vertical support bars allow you to take a seat from either side without ever feeling squeezed or confined. All in all, your purchase is risk-free when you go with the Flybird bench.

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