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Belonging to Yongkang Tonghe Trade Co. Ltd., FLYBIRD is aimed to develop indoor exercise equipment, particularly those help with strength training, including adjustable workout benches, adjustable dumbbells and portable doorway pull-up bars. Since FLYBIRD’s foundation in 2016, we have kept improving our equipment from various aspects, trying to satisfy our customers as many as possible. Apart from the practicability, we also pursue the aesthetics and portability.
*Owning our own factory, we are the only official online store of FLYBIRD equipment, not a distributor. Therefore, we do participate in developing our equipment after getting complaints or great suggestions because we stick our vision to provide enjoyable workout experience.

FLYBIRD’s story

It all started from our founder, Shane Draw, who had an allergic rhinitis. Every time he went to the gym, he sneezed all the time because of the various mixed smell. Then he wanted to buy some indoor exercise equipment on-line so that he could work out at home, without tolerating uncomfortable smell. However, after several days’ searching online, he did not find any affordable satisfactory equipment. Therefore, he decided to develop some kinds of equipment which were not only satisfactory but affordable for most people.

FLYBIRD’s visions

In order to provide a better exercise experience with our customers, we keep collecting suggestions from various customers who used our equipment, which help us to develop our equipment better and better. In the meantime, we are also trying our best to reduce the manufacturing costs while maintaining the quality, even better to make sure our equipment is affordable for most people. Our vision hasn’t changed since FLYBIRD was founded, which is to bring more and more people professional workout experience without going to gym.
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