Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sale On Flybird Fitness

Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sale On Flybird Fitness

Black Friday is here! Get up from your sleep and buckle up because offers are available on all the products at Flybird Fitness Equipment. Whether you're on the hunt for a set of dumbbells or an adjustable weight bench, you're lucky this Black Friday because The Flybird Fitness line offers the best home exercise equipment. Want to stay fit in style? Add those mega-discounts to your cart.


38% Sale on the Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells.


With Flybird Fitness, you can get in shape within the comfort of your home, and what can be the ideal time other than Black Friday to get your hands on some of the best fitness gear for your home gym? You can get our ultra-popular Adjustable Dumbbells for a limited time with up to 38% off!


Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells comes in two sizes:

 FLYBIRD 25lbs adujstable dumbbells

25 lbs adjustable dumbbell set (regular price: $276.99) – now just $183.76!


FLYBIRD 55LB Adjustable dumbbells

55 lbs adjustable dumbbell set (regular price: $519.99) – now just $319.96!


Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells is one of the best adjustable dumbbells on the market. The Best dumbbells for building muscle and core strength. With just a twist, you can adjust the weight from 11 - 55 lb.


Work your core and stabilizer muscles to perfect your physique with this great alternative to traditional weightlifting that gives a comfortable user experience– Very safe and easy to use.


We provide cast iron weight plates with a surface coating that doesn't smell or rust. The FLYBIRD adjustable dumbbell's unique locked-down design ensures that it can only adjust the weights in the tray. You can build your fitness world with The Flybird adjustable dumbbell, which needs less than one square meter of space.


What's more? Black plastic-coated handles made of sturdy material increase the friction, so you can have a secure grip. Get this excellent workout tool with coupon code FLYBIRD to get an extra 10% off at checkout!


Up to 50% Sale on the Flybird Adjustable Bench

 flybird adjustable bench

Working out at home has always been everyone's jam, and with the Flybird fitness line, you can get the best quality equipment with free delivery at your doorsteps. Begin your fitness journey with the Flybird adjustable bench at a discounted price of up to $229.99 off.


The Flybird adjustable bench is designed with a steel frame with a durable powder-coated finish to last through workout after workout that can support up to 800 lbs. The triangular structure provides extra stability during exercise.


With seven backrests and three seat settings, you can strengthen your muscles using various angles. The bench is perfect for the room or office, given its compact size. Also, the Flybird bench is portable, and you can fold it for easy storage.


The company uses Vegan leather with 2" soft foam padding, so you feel the most comfortable exercising. You can use the bench for incline, decline, or full upper-body workouts. Our benches come with The Safety FAST BOLT, which ensures the benches are secured in place at every setting and don't move out of place during workouts.


Black Friday is the best time to buy the versatile, easy-to-assemble workout bench. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself this sturdy workout bench with a quick fold/unfold setup-- Saves you a lot of pain and hassle!


25% Sale on the Flybird Doorway Pull-Up Bar.

 flybird doorway pullup bar

This Black Friday, make your home workout experience outstanding by getting The Flybird Doorway Pull-Up Bar. It's easy to use and install and helps you build upper and lower body strength and core stability. Great for all ages, the pull-up bar allows beginners to build self-confidence, making it a perfect closet accessory.


Our greatly designed bars are made of non-slip, rubber composite material that provides a firm grip. If you are concerned about the door molding damage, which most pull-up bars cause, we have got you covered in this. The high-quality bars go well with multiple door frames without leaving any trace of use. Plus they occupy very little space and remain inconspicuous.


Get this super sturdy home gym bar now and save 25%


As a new brand, we offer our customers well-built and high-quality products at a lower price. Customer service is our top priority. So, if you have queries regarding our products, you can contact us by email at or call us at +1 2537331752.


Sore today, strong tomorrow! This Black Friday, we offer fantastic deals of the year where you will receive 10% off all products on our site.


Check out all of our products here:


Get the body you want with Flybird Fitness. Have a great day!

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