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FLYBIRD Set of Olympic Weight Bench, Barbells And Weight Plates

FLYBIRD Set of Olympic Weight Bench, Barbells And Weight Plates

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This whole combo is all you need for your home gym. And here's why.

The exercises and targeted muscle groups include:

  1. Bench press (incline, flat, and decline for upper chest, middle chestlower chest, triceps, and shoulders)
  2. Military press for shoulders
  3. Leg extension for quads (the front muscles of your thighs)
  4. Leg curl mainly for hamstrings and calves, but also glutes, quads, and the front shins
  5. Preacher curl for biceps, with Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells
  6. Overhead tricep extension for triceps
  7. Back row for back muscles with the adjustable dumbbells
  8. Sit-ups for abs & obliques
  9. I could go on, but you get the point


Olympic Weight Bench

  • Bench weight capacity: 900lbs
  • Leg developer weight capacity: 220lbs
  • Barbell rack weight capacity: 660lbs
  • Materials: premium alloy steel & premium foam
  • Backrest angles: 8 including incline, flat, and decline angles
  • Barbell rack height levels: 5
  • Curl pad height levels: 5
  • Distance between 2 standing posts of the barbell rack: 37.8'' from outer edge to outer edge
  • Weight storage posts length & diameter: 21" & 0.98 "
  • Product Dimension (fully assembled): 61"D x 39"W x 46"H
  • Item Weight: 61lbs
  • 3 butterfly clips are included to fix weight plates

Olympic Weightlifting Bar (Click here to check out its own page)

  • Purpose of use: Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, bench press, squat, deadlift, hip thrust etc.)
  • Length: 86.6''
  • Weight: 20KG (45.5lb)
  • Load Limit: 1,700lb
  • Color: Black
  • Shaft Length: 51.6''
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 16.3'' x 2
  • Knurl Type: Hill (relatively smooth)
  • Center Knurl: Yes
  • Knurl Marks: Single (IPF)
  • Knurl Depth: 0.06''
  • Shaft Diameter (where you grab the barbell): 1.1''
  • Sleeve Diameter (where you load weight plates): 1.98''
  • Sleeve Style: Ribbed (a little hard on loading & unloading plates, but the plates stay on them more firmly)
  • Rotation Mechanism: Bearing & Bushing
  • Coating: Black Phosphate

Cast Iron Weight Plates (Click here to check out its own page)

  • Materials: Cast Iron
  • Thickness:【10lb: 1.0"】【25lb: 1.5“】【35lb: 1.5“】【45lb: 1.5“】
  • Hole Diameter: 2'', fits all Olympic barbells
  • Plates Diameter:【10lb: 8.8"】【25lb: 10.7“】【35lb: 14.3“】【45lb: 17.7“】

140LB Set = 10LB Pair + 25LB Pair + 35LB Pair

160LB Set = 10LB Pair + 25LB Pair + 45LB Pair

230LB Set = 10LB Pair + 25LB Pair + 35LB Pair + 45LB Pair

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FLYBIRD Set of Olympic Weight Bench, Barbells And Weight Plates
Regular price $435.87 USD
Regular price $622.67 USD Sale price $435.87 USD
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Exceptional Sturdiness

Constructed with premium tubular steel and widened feet base, the weight bench is built to last and solid enough to load 900 lbs. It features more reliable adjustment and locking mechanism.

The adjustable cross bar combined with grooves and locking bolt provides extra support. You can place plates on weight storage posts to increase additional stability.

Design Highlights

1. Premium high-density foam padding with a stronger double-stitched seam gives you great comfort and reduces your fatigue.

2. The soft foam roller pads stay on well to support your knees and ankles while performing sit-ups or other leg exercises.

More Design Highlights

3. 220 lbs max weight capacity. There is a plastic buffer to keep metal from grinding at the joint. The locking mechanism allows you to do ab exercises.

4. You can place plates on the 1-inch weight storage posts to increase stability and avoid cluttering your workout space. 3 spring clip collars included.

1700LBS Weight Capacity

Load up Olympic all the weight plates that you can lift to these ribbed sleeves. This barbell will stand the toughest test to your strength and make you come out a stronger version of yourself!

0.06'' Inch Hill Knurling

One of the biggest factors in deciding whether you will like this barbell or not is the knurling type.

There are 3 types in general: Hill, Volcano, and Mountain, with Hill being the smoothest, and Mountain being the toughest.

The 0.06'' (1.5mm) hill type knurling on this barbell feels comfortable to the palms while giving you enough friction for your lift.

If you are a more advanced lifter that prefers a tougher knurling, please check out our Soaring Falcon Olympic Barbell.

Bushing & Bearing Rotation

The sleeves of the barbell must rotate, to offset the torque generated by your lift.

The composite rotation mechanism on this barbell consists of both brass bushing (slower rotation but smooth & stable, for lifts with smaller range of motion) and needle bearing (faster rotation for lifts with larger range of motion).

This means that this barbell is very versatile, suitable for exercises across the board.

Olympic Size With IPF Knurl Marks

The diameter of the sleeves is 1.98'', compatible with all Olympic weight plates.

The single IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) marks make sure that you know exactly where to grip on the barbell when you lift.

No Worry Buying

  • 1 Year Warranty

    We are industry leaders offering you 1 year of warranty coverage on all your workout equipment.


    Received your products but changed your mind? No problem. Simply send it back within 30 days.


    Enjoy free shipping on all orders. We ship out orders every single business day before 12pm. Order today and receive it the same week.

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Email us at with any other questions.


Does the bench offer incline and decline angles?

Yes, the bench offers flat, incline, and decline angles.

How many packages will be delivered?

Depending on what you order, you will receive the following items in separate packages:

Weight Bench

Olympic Barbell

Curl Bar

10lbs Plates Pair

25lbs Plates Pair

35lbs Plate Single

45lbs Plate Single

(This means that if you order a pair of 35lbs or 45lbs plates, they will come in 2 packages.)

Therefore, please don't panic if you don't receive all packages in one day. Please reach out to asking for the tracking numbers.

What's included in the packages?

The adjustable weight bench package contains the weight bench, a user manual, 3 tools needed for assembly, and an accessory kit.

The barbell packages contain the barbells respectively.

The weight plate packages contain the weight plates respectively.

What are the weight capacities of the bench and the barbells?

Weight bench: 900lbs

Barbell rack: 660lbs

Leg developer: 220lbs

Olympic Barbell: 1700lbs

Curl Bar: 390lbs (Black); 370lbs (Silver)

How many people does it take to assemble the bench?

We recommend 2 people working together to assemble the bench for safety and efficiency.

How long does it take to assemble the bench?

It takes about 40 minutes for 2 people to complete the assembly of the bench.

Is there an assembly instruction video for the adjustable bench?

What's the warranty policy?

Flybird offers 1 year free warranty for all products.

Can I purchase the leg extension or the preacher curl pad separately?

Unfortunately, no. They are part of the bench.