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Why Buy an Olympic Weight Bench? 5 Reasons

Whether you're new to strength training or want to add an extra challenge to your routine, an Olympic weight bench is a great investment. Read this guide for more reasons to why buy an Olympic weight bench!


If you're into strength training and want to open a home gym, you need an Olympic weight bench. Utilizing an Olympic bench for a workout can go a long way for fitness experts and beginners.


These are designed to help you lift heavy loads to gain strength and get ripped the right way. If you're still unsure why buy an Olympic weight bench, read the guide below.


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Why Buy an Olympic Weight Bench?

An Olympic bench works multiple joints of the body to gain strength, endurance, and an elevation in muscle size. Some exercises you can perform on this gym gear are declined chest press, barbell chest press, leg curls, leg extensions, bicep curls, and others. So, if you want to stay fit and strong, you can count on an Olympic bench. Buying it will help you perform multiple workouts in one go.


What Is An Olympic Bench?

An Olympic bench is gym equipment with a wider, flat, padded bench. It comes with barbells longer than the standard size, you can put weights on them of upto 1500 pounds.


You can lay on it and perform the workouts. It's customizable and can incline and decline while you're working out.


Its capability to incline or decline lets the users create variation in the workout—this way, a user can work out different muscles of the body at the same time.


Furthermore, you can perform chest flies, leg curls, leg extensions, and many other exercises. Many fitness enthusiasts use it to experience a boost in muscle size and build a body strong as a rock.


Isn't it great? This gym gear is not only good for experts but for novice gym goers. If you want to purchase one, Flybird has you covered, as they offer the best gym equipment, including the Olympic weight bench.

Reasons to Buy An Olympic Weight Bench

Here are some reasons why you might consider purchasing an Olympic bench.


  • Increased strength and muscle mass: You can perform multiple exercises with bench presses, increasing muscle mass and strength. It lets you lift heavy weights and increase the intensity of workouts with time, which builds overall strength in the body.


  • Versatility: If you're looking for gym gear that lets you perform various workouts at a time, you're in the right place. An Olympic bench lets you perform incline or decline presses, shoulder presses, chest flies, and more. This makes an Olympic bench the right equipment to invest in.
  • Progress tracking: An Olympic bench is not only for fitness experts but also good for new gym goers. As a beginner this gear will let you lift a lightweight barbell, but with time you'll be able to increase the weights. Ultimately, this equipment lets you keep track of your progress.


  • Convenience: If you prefer to exercise in the privacy of your own house or don't have time to travel to a gym, having an Olympic bench at home can be useful. Also, having your equipment allows you to exercise on your schedule.


Buying an Olympic bench ultimately depends on your preferences, exercise regimen, and fitness goals.


An Olympic bench can be a wise investment if you want to increase your upper body strength and muscle growth and appreciate the convenience and adaptability of having your own equipment.

Workouts To Perform With Olympic Bench

Some of the best exercises you can perform with the Olympic bench press are:


  • Bench press: You can perform bench press by laying on the bench with your feet flat on the floor and gripping the bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Lower the bar to your chest, pause for a moment and press it backup to the starting position. This classic exercise targets your chest, shoulders, and triceps.


  • Incline bench press: You can strengthen your upper chest muscles by shifting the emphasis of the workout to a position where the slope angle of the bench is adjusted. Do the bench press in the same manner as mentioned above while lying on the bench with the backrest inclined slightly.


  • Decline bench press: Change the position of the bench from incline to decline. The decline angle will target your lower chest muscles. Now lay on the backrest, set a slight decline angle, and perform the bench press.


  • Chest fly: Lay face up on the bench with your arms extended over your chest and the barbell in your hands so that your palms are facing each other. After bringing the bar down to your sides in a controlled manner, please return it to the beginning position by pulling it back up to the top of your chest.


  • Shoulder press: Place your feet flat on the floor in front of the bench and grasp the barbell with an overhand grip at shoulder height. Extend your arms as you press the bar overhead, then return it to the shoulder-level starting position.


  • Other Exercises Include Leg curls, leg extensions, bicep curls, and others.

Wrap Up

An Olympic weight bench can be a great addition to your home gym and can change how you look. Not only will it change the looks, but practicing various workouts on it will also make you strong on the inside.


That said, you may have gotten an answer to why buy an Olympic weight bench, right? If so, grab one and board on the journey to fitness today!

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