Do Adjustable Dumbbells Break

Do Adjustable Dumbbells Break? Everything You Need To Know!

Adjustable dumbbells have made our lives quite easier by making weight lifting easier and more adjustable. Just because of them, most of us who just want to do weight lifting don’t even need to go to the gym. However, do adjustable dumbbells break?


A lot of folks have been asking me this question over and over again. For that reason, in this article, I’m going to answer the question of whether or not adjustable dumbbells can break.


Here are a few other safety risks associated with dumbbells. Don't forget to read the entire article.


Now let's get to the point.


Adjustable Dumbbells/ A Quick Overview

Adjustable dumbbells are the dumbbells of this new era.  They’re portable, easy to use, and save you a lot of space. In simple words, An adjustable dumbbell is a weight-lifting equipment that can be adjusted with a lever, dial, or pin.


Consequently, the user can switch between a variety of weight increment plates attached to the handle.


Amazing adjustable dumbbells are the size of two large dumbbells but are made up of a number of detachable plates or blocks. Instead of numerous dumbbell sets, which are more expensive and take up more space, they can be used instead.


Do Adjustable Dumbbells Break

Adjustable dumbbells are designed to be portable as well as durable. They're made of iron and steel, which are unquestionably good metals for producing high-quality products.


However, since the dumbbells have moving parts just like their adjustable plates, they’re more likely to break easily.


The more parts are moving in a product, the more likely it is to break easily. Also, the moving components become loose.


Because you’ll be moving to adjust the plates over and over again, which would definitely make the dumbbells lose their moving parts.


Yes, adjustable dumbbells can certainly break. But how can they break? Let’s see!



How Do You Usually Adjustable Dumbbells Break?

There are many ways that may lead adjustable dumbbells to end up breaking. So, let’s have a look at them so that we can take care of the dumbbells!


1) When You Drop Them!

Dropping off the adjustable dumbbells can surely break them. This is the reason the dumbbells come with a label on them that says” Do not drop”’.


The manufacturers are clearly saying that the dumbbells might break if you dropped them off your hands. So, if you want your adjustable dumbbells to last longer, use them carefully so that you may not drop them!

2) Components made of plastic are easily shattered

It is common for adjustable dumbbell designs to incorporate some type of plastic. The dials, cradle, internal weight selector, and connection between the handle and weight plates are commonly made of plastic.


It is possible for these to break when they are hit hard. Furthermore, this can be risky. Take good care of yourself!

3) Dials for weight selection can break.

There is a possibility that both the internal components and the external dial shell could break upon impact. Avoid using force when turning the dial and turn it gradually.

4) It is common for weight plates to become loose.

There are plastic discs within most adjustable dumbbells that select the weight. These are susceptible to cracking. It is possible that the weight plates will then become slack as a result.


Therefore, it may not be safe to lift with adjustable dumbbells. These are typical Bowflex adjustable dumbbell problems!

5) There is a possibility of misalignment of weight plates.

It is common for the weight plates on adjustable dumbbells to jingle when shaken. Moreover, if shaken too violently, they MAY fall out of alignment from the cradle, resulting in failure. Trying to force an incorrectly aligned dumbbell back into the cradle could make the problem worse.

Are Adjustable Dumbbells safe?

Adjustable dumbbells are safe indeed. In fact, they’re really safe. But, there are some safety risks associated with them. You can prevent them though if you know about them. For that reason, now I’m going to tell you about all the safety risks associated with adjustable dumbbells. Let’s dive in!

Risks Associated With Adjustable Dumbbells

As stated earlier, the adjustable dumbbells are made up of steel and iron which makes them quite durable. However, still, there are some risks that you must know about. This way, you’ll be able to ensure your safety.


1) It is not safe to lift too fast

If you move erratically and quickly, your form will be compromised. Dumbbell weights that are increased rapidly will also cause you to lose form. It is likely that both situations will result in harm. Please lift the weights slowly.


2) Lifting too heavy weights.

Adjustable dumbbells weigh a lot, and stabilising muscles are used to brace movements. You may suffer injuries if you lift more weight than your stabilisers can handle.


3) Extending your range of motion beyond what you are used to.

It is the range of motion of your arms that determines how they move around the joint. The strain you put on your muscles and joints can lead to tears if you overextend your range of motion.


4) After lifting an adjustable dumbbell, drop it.

A tired person may drop adjustable dumbbells after an exercise (for example, after exiting a failed lift). Lifters who are inexperienced may suffer injuries as a result.


5) Exercising on benches.


In order to perform bench exercises such as the dumbbell bench press properly, you must practise (you must kick the dumbbells and stabilise them mid-air). Beginners risk injury if they perform the exercise incorrectly.


So, now you know whether or not adjustable dumbbells can break. Now, it’s time for me to answer some of your frequently asked questions.



1) Is it possible for dumbbells to break?

Yes, they can break if you drop them from your grasp. Also, there are moving objects in them that usually break quite easily.


2) Do you think adjustable dumbbells are a good idea?

Yes, it’s good to buy adjustable dumbbells as they’re portable, easy to use, adjustable, and they save you a lot of space.


3) Can you drop adjustable dumbbells?


Yes, you can drop them if you work out too fast. So, don’t hurry while working out.


4) Are adjustable dumbbells durable?


Yes, adjustable dumbbells are quite durable, as they’re made of iron and steel. Also, plastic is used to make some of their components, so if you drop them, they can break easily.


Final Words:


Do adjustable dumbbells break easily? Yes, if you drop them from your hands, they will break. So, that’s all I had for you in this article. Still, if you have any questions related to the topic, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to help you out.

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