Adjustable Dumbbells VS Fixed

Adjustable Dumbbells VS Fixed? Which One Should You Go For?

Are you willing to set up a gym in your home so you can work out without going outside? Then you must be comparing adjustable dumbbells vs. fixed dumbbells to determine which is superior.

To make it easier for you to decide, I’m going to compare both of the dumbbells in this article. You'll learn all about the differences and similarities between both dumbbells if you stay around until the end!

Adjustable Dumbbells Vs Fixed Dumbbells/ Overview

Before we get to our comparison, let's look at the two types of dumbbells quickly.


Adjustable Dumbbells

An adjustable dumbbell is a dumbbell that has a retaining mechanism. A detachable set differs from a permanent set in which the weights are attached to the handle. Because they are adjustable, they can accommodate a range of weights between 5 and 50 pounds.

Isn’t that amazing? They are ideal for both beginners and experts who want to get fit. The only downside that I found with these dumbbells is that their minimum weight starts at 5 pounds.

It means The beginner won't be able to go higher than 4 or 4 pounds if they aren't capable of lifting 5 pounds.



  • Since they’re adjustable, you can save a lot of space in your gym.
  • They’re very easy to carry from one place to another due to their amazing portability.
  • Since the weight can be adjusted, beginners can start slowly and gradually increase the weight. They can adjust more weight to the dumbbells and see whether they can pick it up or not. If they can’t then they can simply remove some plates which obviously isn’t possible in Fixed Dumbbells.




  • Adjustable Dumbbells are usually not so long-lasting despite being filled with perks.
  • They cost way more than regular/ fixed dumbbells.
  • Using it in gyms where multiple people work out won’t be possible. Because only one person can use them at a time.


Who Should Use Adjustable Dumbbells?

After knowing about the pros and cons of adjustable dumbbells, you must be wondering whether or not they’re perfect for you. So, adjustable dumbbells are best for those who have a small space at home.

Since the dumbbells are adjustable and you can use one pair for lifting up to 50 pounds, it won't be an issue for you to fit them. Furthermore, these dumbbells are great for beginners who have just started strength training.

Because fixed dumbbells make it impossible for beginners to begin with light weight and gradually increase it.

People with deep pockets are another type of person who would benefit from adjustable dumbbells. Because adjustable dumbbells are quite expensive.

Fixed Dumbbells

As the name implies, fixed dumbbells come with an unchangeable weight. Their weight is fixed. Hence, they’re sold in pairs.


The best thing about these dumbbells is that you can go for a lower weight than 5 pounds. Yes, you heard that right. Also, they’re a little cheaper compared to adjustable dumbbells.


  • Since regular dumbbells are fixed, even a beginner can use them with ease. There aren’t any specific instructions that one would need to operate them properly. Just pick up the dumbbells and go ahead with your exercise.
  • A fixed set of dumbbells is oftenrisk-free because the likelihood of injury is low. They stand firm. They are positioned pretty firmly and don't move around in comparison to the adjustable weights.
  • Fixed dumbbells are way cheaper than Adjustable ones. So, it won’t be a problem for you to buy them.


  • They don't have many different movement patterns, therefore it's impossible to cover every body area. The fixed dumbbells are only minimally functional. They are therefore not recommended by those who want to engage in lengthy workout sessions.
  • The fact that the fixed dumbbells have a distinct resistance is yet another significant issue that occurs when utilising them. Consequently, you might need to purchase more weights if you wish to increase your training intensity.


Who Should Use Fixed Dumbbells?

If you’re on a budget and a beginner as well, then it means you won’t need to have multiple dumbbell weights.

So, you can go for regular dumbbells. However, if you’re an experienced bodybuilder and train with multiple weights, you’ll have to buy multiple dumbbells for different weights, which will be pricey for you.

If you use dumbbells for arm exercises, then going with the regular dumbbell would be a good idea. Furthermore, if you’re a beginner and can’t handle 5 pounds of dumbbells, you can go for regular dumbbells, as they come in lower weights than 5 pounds as well.

These are the pros and cons of both dumbbells. You can also say that they are the distinctions between both dumb. Let’s take a look at some more differences between the two pieces of equipment.

Adjustable Dumbbells VS Fixed Dumbbells/Additional Differences

Below are some of the other differences that both the dumbbell types have:


  • Versatility: The fixed dumbbell gives you greater flexibility during workouts because you do not have to adjust weight increments manually. It takes some time to change the weights on adjustable dumbbells, however, which restricts what you can do.
  • Grip: The fixed dumbbells contain fewer parts at each end of the bar because of their permanent nature. As a result, you typically have more room to spread your hands out and have more grip options. Adjustable dumbbells, however, do not provide as many good grips as fixed dumbbells.
  • Safety: As long as you don't lift excessively heavy weights, fixed dumbbells are generally secure. To determine your limits, you can gradually increase them during sets. The size of adjustable dumbbells prevents you from standing them vertically on your thighs. In such a situation, some exercises, such as bench pressing and seated shoulder pressing, are nearly impossible to perform safely.


So, now you know all the differences between an adjustable dumbbell and a fixed dumbbell.



1) Are adjustable dumbbells fragile?   

Yes, adjustable dumbbells are quite delicate and can be damaged by a blow.

2) Are adjustable dumbbells safe?   

Yes, they’re safe to use, but sometimes they can be harmful to the user. You cannot stand adjustable dumbbells vertically on your thighs due to their size.


Some exercises, including bench pressing and sitting shoulder pressing, are practically hard to carry out safely in such an environment.                 

3) Is it better to have adjustable dumbbells?

Yes, it’s good to have adjustable dumbbells, as they’re easy to use and help us save a lot of space in our gym. But they’re good for a single person, not for multiple.

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