12 Tips for a Successful Flybird Adjustable Bench

12 Tips for a Successful Flybird Adjustable Bench

If you're thinking about getting your own Flybird Adjustable Bench, then here are some dos and don'ts to help you get the most out of your purchase. The Flybird Adjustable Bench provides quality and comfort at an affordable price, and this Flybird workout bench can be used in gyms, homes, and offices, as well as outside on the patio or deck. But if you don't take into account these dos and don'ts when installing or using your bench, you might not be getting the most out of your investment. Here are 12 dos and don'ts for a successful Flybird weight bench.

1. Follow the Manufacturer's Installation Instructions

Every weight bench for sale should have thorough installation instructions that include every possible precaution, hardware needed, and illustrated steps. As with any project, if you don't understand something or if there is something missing from your manufacturer's instructions-call them! Flybird's customer service is top notch and will ensure that you are well-informed for a successful installation.

If at all possible, get in touch with someone who has recently installed one of these benches; they will be your best resource for tips and tricks for DIY projects. A little advice from an expert can go a long way! You need to carefully consider space requirements before buying an adjustable workout bench because most weight lifting benches take up a significant amount of floor space (typically between 3 and 5 feet wide). 

2. Choose an Adjustable Bench in a Neutral Color

While many companies sell outdoor benches in vibrant, bold colors that are sure to fit into any space, it's best to choose an adjustable bench in a neutral color such as gray or black. Neutral colors blend seamlessly with existing outdoor furnishings and decor.

3. Choose an Adjustable Bench with Non-Slip Foot

Most benches have non-slip padding to help keep you steady while doing your exercises. It is important that your bench has non-slip arm grips because it will keep you steady. However, with non-slip foot, you don't have to worry about slippage or sliding as you are working out.

If you buy an adjustable bench without non-slip foot, then every time your grip slips during a workout, it can be dangerous. When choosing an adjustable weight bench, make sure it has non-slip foot caps so that you can focus on your exercise, instead of worrying about falling off or slipping off.

4. Choose an Adjustable Gym Bench with Multiple Settings

The single most important factor to consider when choosing an adjustable bench is how many positions it can be set at. While there are benches that provide between five and ten settings, we recommend only those that offer between eight and twelve.

This range provides you with enough options to give your entire body a thorough workout while still letting you select height settings appropriate for each exercise. It also gives you options when two or more people work out on the same bench at once.

5. Setup Before Workout

Prepare before you begin your workout. Adjust the bench to a comfortable position. Keep your feet flat on the floor, with knees at 90 degrees. Use good form and focus on strength during each set of repetitions. Push yourself and work hard. Use a spotter when necessary for safety and heavier weights.

6. DON'T Expect Perfection on Your First Try

One of Flybird bench's most convenient features is its ability to be easily adjusted. Be sure to allow enough time for fine-tuning during installation. You may have to make a few adjustments before you find a comfortable setting, but with patience, you'll find it! Fidgeting with your position on an adjustable bench can help reduce fatigue, improve focus and increase productivity.

Everyone will sit differently, so we encourage everyone to experiment until they find their preferred seating style! We love that Flybird Adjustable Benches are extremely adaptable-the possibilities are endless!

7. Try Different Locations

To get the most out of your workouts, it is important to vary your exercises. Try different locations and angles to target your muscles from different angles and make sure you're working for all muscle groups.

The Flybird Adjustable Bench can be used for both upper and lower body exercises. You can change positions on the bench to do different exercises for different parts of your body

Keep in mind that if you want to do high-intensity exercises, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), then you will need a good level of fitness. If you are just starting out with exercise or are not very fit, then HIIT may not be an option for you.

8. Track Your Progress

One of the best ways to stay motivated is by tracking how far you have come. This will lead you to realize how much progress you have made and give you the fuel you need to keep pushing yourself further!

Doing these three things will help keep your workouts interesting so they don't become boring over time!

9. Try New Exercises

You can also fight boredom by doing different exercises with your Flybird adjustable bench. You can look up exercise videos on Youtube or refer to the exercise chart that came with your Flybird adjustable bench. These exercises will help you target different muscle groups which will, in turn, lead to better results overall.

10. Be Sure to Pick the Right Bench Height

This is especially important if you're short or tall, but regardless of your height, the bench needs to be high enough to avoid any chance of hitting the ground with your butt on an exercise like a bench press or squat. If you're doing an overhead press, however, the bench should be at a height that allows you to easily lift the weight over your head without having to reach up high.

11. Pick a Weight that's Challenging but Manageable

It's tempting to try to lift too much weight at first, especially when you're new to strength training or when people are watching you in the gym. But picking a weight that's too heavy is almost worse than not lifting anything at all; it'll inhibit the formation of muscle fibres and increase your injury risk. Start light, then work your way up over time as you get stronger and more comfortable with each exercise movement pattern.

12.Choose Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells

Flybird adjustable dumbbells are a great investment for your home gym. They take up very little space but can offer you a full range of dumbbell weight options. You can quickly switch things up between exercises and sets by adjusting the weight on each side.

Flybird adjustable dumbbells are sold in pairs and can go up to a 55-pound weight on each side. That's roughly equivalent to 25lb or 55lb on each side. The Flybird bench is made out of high quality steel and plastic. The steel parts are painted black while the plastic parts are gray.

The weights adjust in 5-pound increments which is a good amount of weight to add at a time. You can increase the weight in one set and decrease it in the next set if you need to, without having to remove any weights from the dumbbells.

The weights are made of iron with a semi-gloss finish, so they look quite nice. The handles have four slots for the weights so they can fit properly into place when setting them up, which ensures that the weights don't slide around during use.

You simply twist the handle to adjust the weight, which is easy enough to do without any help from others.

Final Thoughts

The health benefits associated with bench press are undeniable. And if you are looking for one that not only comes with multiple setting options but also provides a solid build, you'll need to take your time when making your choice. All our recommended models offer different weight capacities, adjustability settings and other beneficial characteristics. So now it's up to you to find out which one will work best for your specific needs.

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