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Flybird Power Tower with Assistance Bands STARTER101(Shipping Date: 3rd, March)

Flybird Power Tower with Assistance Bands STARTER101(Shipping Date: 3rd, March)

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Dimensions of the fully assembled power tower starter101:

  • Width 41.2'',
  • Depth 39.7''
  • Height 64.6-87.1'' depending on your setting


  • Height adjustable 6-ways, suitable for users of almost all heights
  • Backrest adjustable 7-ways, suitable for users of all sizes
  • Both narrow grip and wide grip pull-ups can be performed on it (Wide grip for lats, narrow grip for biceps, rhomboid, and lower traps)
  • 4 assistance bands providing 22lbs of assistance each, 88lbs in total. No need for extra weights

Why does the Army test the soldiers' pull-up abilities as the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)? Because the pull-up is an ultimate demonstration of one's overall fitness. But did you know that most people can't complete 1, yes, you saw it correctly, 1 pull-up? This is the exact reason why the Flybird Power Tower with Assistance Bands STATER101 came to be: to provide you with assistance when you do pull-ups, until you can do them on your own.

There are 4 bands each providing 22lbs of assistance, so 88lbs in total. This pullup station can also be used for various other exercises such as dips, leg raise, push-ups, etc.. It's a well-built exercise machine with a firm and durable steel frame and comfortable and ergonomic cushion pads. In addition, the height is adjustable 6-ways from 64.6 to 87.1'', suitable for users of almost all heights!

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Flybird Power Tower with Assistance Bands STARTER101(Shipping Date: 3rd, March)
$455.70 $318.99
Regular price $318.99 Sale price $455.70

Unique Assisted Equipment

Flybird pull-up station has a large adjustable cushion that is designed to help people who are underpowered perform pull-ups. It only takes 5 seconds to switch between the chin assist pad and backrest.

Double Stability

Flybird Power tower features a 39.7'' long H-shaped base. Its steel extension and non-slip feet provide eight points of support, which provides double stability and increases contact area.

  • High-quality Nylon Material

    This resistance band has been tested 20,000 times and can stack up to 88 lbs. It has strong wear resistance, great elasticity, and is very durable.

  • Ergonomic Armrest Design

    10 Degree reclined position and large comfortable elbow pads to secure user positionr

  • Light Commercial Steel

    Made from the powder-coated commercial steel construction, the chin dip assist is very sturdy, stable, Durable and Reliable.

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  • Six-level Height Adjustment

    With this assisted power tower, the height can be adjusted from 64.56" to 87.01". You can easily work out with it regardless of your age or your weight.

  • Adjustable Dip Bar

    With high-quality comfortable PU pads for elbow protection when doing leg raises, it can be adjusted from 15.75" to 18.11".

  • Adjustable Push-up Bar

    Various exercise requirements can be met with the power tower, which can be adjusted from 0-180 degrees at 45 degrees.

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Max Capacity 440LBS
Adjustable Height
6 Heights (64.56''~88.18'')
Adjustable Backrest 7 Positions (1.2-6.7 In)
Base Design "H" Shape Base
Material Steel construction
Package Dimensions 53.5 x 19.1 x 7.2 inches
Package Weight 61.75 Pounds
Max Aperture 3.5 ( kit lens )

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