What are the Best Adjustable Dumbbells to Buy

What are the Best Adjustable Dumbbells to Buy

Adjustable dumbbells give you the freedom of adjusting the weight with ease.  Instead of having to go out and buy a bunch of different dumbbells and other weights, these are one product which will solve your problem. You no longer have to spend extra money on dumbbells which use to take up a lot of space in your house and gym. Now, these adjustable dumbbells will solve all your needs as they are created for people like you.


Q1: Dumbbell purchase advice?


Type: Adjustable dumbbells

Weight: Men's 11 lb- 20 lb; Women's 5 lb - 25 lb.

√. Adjustable dumbbells, adjust the bell piece to adjust the weight.

Maybe some of you will ask, do I really need this much weight? I probably won't even lift them, and I won't even use them for training, right? Weight is definitely required for training, and depending on the target muscle group and movement, weight should also be adjusted. Training weight at least 20% to 35% 1RM or more in order to have a certain effect on muscle building and losing weight.

No specific weight stimulation can have a minimal effect when women train their chest, buttocks, and these large muscle groups. When we run, jump, or walk with tens of kilograms of weight every day, the instantaneous impact that occurs may be several times to a dozen times the weight. Training it effectively cannot be achieved by exercising with a 2-pound mineral water bottle.

At first, many people feel the 25 lb dumbbell is too heavy to lift. Instead of testing whether muscle strength is not sufficient, we can see if the force or training method needs to be mastered. Within a week or two, you will soon realize that 25 lb is not enough if you practice the right way.

Q2: Dumbbells, how to choose the material?


The most common dumbbell shell materials on the market are electroplated, baked enamel, plastic-coated, plastic dipped, and sponge. In general, I recommend buying electroplated or baked paint, which has no scent, is small, and won't rust. The only problem is they make it easy to scratch the floor or bump the table and chairs.

Dumbbells made of rubber and plastic are easy to smell. Some dumbbells can be expensive, but they're cost-effective in the sense that the outer layer of rubber protects the floor from damage.

It's true that the sponge dumbbells have a sponge cushion on the outside, so they look safe and won't damage furniture, but the problem is that they're a bit low-weight and can only be used for HIIT or training small muscle groups

√. Dumbbell material comparison.

Electroplating, baking paint: odorless, easy to scratch the floor.

Plastic coated, dipping: cheap smell, high price is low cost.

Sponge: safe and injury-free, the weight is too small.


Q3: What workout, with how much weight?


Rather than worrying about the weight of dumbbells, many people are concerned with how to choose the correct weight when exercising. Weight selection should be different based on muscle groups and workout.

General trunk muscle groups, large muscle groups, lower limbs, and multi-joint movements require relatively heavyweights. Deep squats, deadlifts, etc., are basically performed by people with training experience over 150kg; large muscle groups of the upper body such as bench press, high pull-down, etc., can also be performed at 100kg.

Because the arm, shoulder, and other small muscle groups at the end are small, and the muscle strength is small, the weight used to generate force is small. Biceps curls, arm flexors, etc., generally can bench press 100kg training people, and curls with 10kg training can be.

To avoid injury, posture correction training and exercises with smaller weights are recommended for some parts of the body that are easily injured.


Q4: What is the weight of dumbbell press for beginners?


Weight percentage refers to the percentage of maximum dumbbell weight. Boys are allowed to lift dumbbells up to 20kg and girls are allowed to lift dumbbells up to 10kg.


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