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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Workout Routines

You’re going to love these five Valentine’s Day workout routines!

The 14th of February is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to impress your sweetie. Perhaps you are planning a romantic dinner at home or maybe you are taking your special someone out on the town. However, the best way to show your love is by taking care of yourself. After all, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

So if you want to show your significant other that you care, why not try one of these five unique Valentine’s Day workout routines? There is something here for everyone, from beginners to advanced fitness buffs. If you really want to make an impression, pick up a pair of personalized workout gloves and get ready for a day full of fun and fitness!


1) The “Lovebirds” Workout Routine


This is a great routine for those just starting out. It begins with 10 minutes of cardio (jogging in place), followed by 20 minutes of resistance training (push-ups and squats). It ends with 30 seconds of stretching per major muscle group (hamstrings, quads, etc.).


2) The “You Make My Heart Race” Workout


This workout is perfect for the beginner who wants to get in shape or for the person looking to surprise their special someone with a new look. It’s quick, easy, and requires no equipment! Ready? Let’s go!

First, do 20 jumping jacks. Next up is 10 push-ups. Once you’ve completed those two exercises, take a one-minute water break and then repeat the circuit as many times as you can in 15 minutes. If you really want to impress your sweetie, keep track of how many circuits you can complete in one day!


3) Cupid’s Arrow Workout Routine


The best part about the Cupid’s Arrow workout routine is that it is super simple. All you need is twenty minutes and just a little bit of space. Let’s take a look at how it works:

First, you will do five minutes of cardio exercises to get your blood flowing. This can be anything from jumping jacks to running in place or even using an exercise bike. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

Next, you will do 10 reps each of bicep curls, squats and lunges. Do as many sets as you want until your muscles are burning. Then take two minutes to cool down and stretch. You can also try some yoga moves if you want to push yourself a little further! It’s important not to overdo it at first so that you don’t get discouraged and quit before starting any real progress toward getting fit this Valentine’s Day.


4) The “I Love You Beary Much” Workout


This workout routine is best for people who have been working out regularly but are looking for something different to spice things up. Once again, no equipment required – just your body weight and a little space on the floor! Let’s get started:

First, do 20 squats followed by 10 burpees. Next up is another set of 20 squats followed by 10 push-ups. Finish off with a final set of 20 squats and 10 sit-ups before taking a one-minute water.


5) The “Lovebirds” Workout Routine


This routine is for couples. When you fall in love, it can feel like your heart is going to burst out of your chest. With this routine, you can recreate that feeling! This routine will get both of your hearts pumping and make you feel extra loved up!

Pair up with a partner and perform each exercise below together. Sprint down the hallway back and forth three times, then move on to the next exercise. Rest for one minute between each set. Do as many sets of each exercise as possible in 15 minutes.

  • Burpees
  • 20 Squats
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 Crunches
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