How To Assemble the Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench

How To Assemble the Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench

You’ve finally arrived to buy your Flybird adjustable bench. You’re eager to get home as soon as possible and start exercising with it! But before you can do that, there is one last thing you have to do — assemble it. Worse yet, there are several different pieces (yes, several!) that need to be assembled.

Anyone can say that the product is good, and anyone can also say Flybird weight bench is also good. But we know that the goods are good as long as they are not used, but if they can be used for a long time, it can prove to be a very good one. Don't worry, the above are some wrong descriptions. In fact, the Flyird weight bench can be said to be ready to use out of the box, if you don't believe it, read on.


The Flybird Adjustable Bench is one of the most popular fitness benches in the world. Out of six different current Flybird benches, three of them can be adjusted (the other three are fixed models), each having its own unique features. Now, do you know how to assemble these adjustable models? This guide will demonstrate how to assemble each Flybird dumbbell bench step-by-step, thus making it easier for you to assemble the adjustable benches correctly.

Flybird Adjustable Workout Bench FB149

This bench is very easy to set up. 
It won't even take you five minutes and you don't need the instructions at all in order to take it out of the box and get it ready to go. It's pretty self-explanatory, but all you need to do is take the foot support out as well as the entire rest of the product, and you basically just unfold it, set it to the height that you want to be, install that little foot support, and you're good to go.
There is one more little piece thatFlybird gives you that you put into the back of the bench in order to provide more support for the bench. 

Overall, when doing things with dumbbells without them, you might not have the structural integrity.

So I do recommend putting this pin in to ensure that the bench is properly supported.



 Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench FB139

So just like the Flybird weight bench FB149, FB139 comes nearly complete right out of the box. You kind of just pick it up and spread out the adjustable bench and then you can kind of set the heights as you need to.

And there's not much else you need to do besides adding things like ankle supports and maybe a few other nuts and bolts here and there.

In total, it will take you seven minutes to do this. You don't really go for speed on setting it up. Just kind of take it out of the box, take out all the packaging, put on that ankle support, and really from there you're good to go.

There are no real other things you need to put on. You can take out the other pins that they have.

But just so you know, you really have everything you need. There's not much you have to do in terms of setting it up. It will take you again a little over seven minutes to go from box to completed product.


Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench with Waist Pad

 This bench has a waist pad that helps prevent back injuries while working out. Finish the assembly and set up of Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench with Waist Pad. It will be simple and easy to do, everything was very well labeled.


Flybird Weight bench with waist pad

The assembly process of this dumbbell bench is the same as that of the FB139. You just need to take all the accessories, insert the bolt, then install the foot support and you are ready to go.

Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench FB299

 The Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench FB299 is a great all-around bench for home use. It's well built, comfortable, and it can take a beating.

The bench also has a lot of versatility, with eight different backrest positions and three seat positions. This makes it very easy to adjust the angle of the bench to target specific muscle groups and get the best out of your workouts.

Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench FB299

1)Take out all of the parts from the box.

2)The assemble the back rest to the main frame, align the holes and insert the bolt.

3)Attach four legs to the main frame using a wrench to lock bolts.

4)Then take out four wheels and put them into each corner of the bench.

5)Finally, stand up Flybird bench and adjust it to proper angle.


We are confident that you will find the assembly of your new Flybird Adjustable Bench both easy and enjoyable.

We've broken the assembly down into four simple steps that should make the process easier to understand. If you have any questions after following these steps, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to help you out!

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