Benefits Of Adjustable Dumbbells/ Should You Buy Them?

Benefits Of Adjustable Dumbbells/ Should You Buy Them?

djustable dumbbells are quite famous these days due to their portability. But what are other advantages that you can expect from them? To find out the answer to this question, I’m going to tell you all the benefits of adjustable dumbbells in this article.


This article will be a quick one and won't even take 5 minutes of your time. So, please make sure you stay around till the end so that you can decide whether or not you should buy adjustable dumbbells.


Let’s dive in:


Adjustable Dumbbells/ A Quick Overview

Adjustable dumbbells are removal dumbbells, as the name implies. Meaning, you can adjust their weight  according to your choice. They come with different weight plates ranging from 5 pounds to 50 pounds. You can put any of the plates on the dumbbells and do the workout.


Adjustable dumbbells have been redesigned to be very portable, so they will easily fit in your space. This is the reason they’re more suitable to be used at home gyms than outside gyms. Now, let’s get to our main topic, which is to see all the benefits of adjustable dumbbells.


Benefits Of Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells have a lot of amazing benefits that some of you might not know about. For that reason, I’m going to reveal them to you now. Let’s dive in!

1) Portable Option

As stated earlier, the main reason behind the development of adjustable dumbbells is to make the dumbbells as portable as possible. For that reason, they are designed to be small.


Even if you’re a tourist or someone who constantly has to travel, then you can carry them with you. Just put them in your car, and you’re good to go. Your home gym is all set to travel with you!

2) A Wide Range Of Options

The best thing about adjustable dumbbells is the variety of exercise options that they provide.





They are versatile workout equipment because they can be used to exercise almost all of your muscle groups. A transition period won't be necessary for you.


The weight plates can only be added or subtracted until you find the ideal load for you. Once this becomes simpler, you can increase the weights. Dumbbells can be used regardless of your experience level.

3) Space Efficient

Unlike regular dumbbells, which you have to buy separately for each weight, you only have to buy a single set of adjustable dumbbells.


It means there won't be many dumbbells, so you won’t need a lot of room to accommodate them. You can keep them in a rack of equipment, and that’d be enough. So, they’re quite space efficient as well, which makes them perfect for personal use.


4) Equal Work for Limbs


The weight of some training tools must be carried with your dominant hand. The solution to this problem is to use dumbbells.


Both arms should be weighted equally when doing dumbbell curls. Then, both limbs should be adequately worked and your muscles should not be overworked.

5) Great For Using At Home!

The adjustable dumbbells are great for home use. Because, usually, when we return from work, you don’t feel like going to the gym. You’re already tired, and now you have to drive all the way from your home to the gym to work out.


However, if you have adjustable dumbbells, your gym is right there in your room. You don’t need to go to the gym. Whenever you feel like working out, you can do that with the adjustable dumbbells.


The best thing is that they allow you to adjust the weight, which makes it easier for you to carry the weight that you’re okay with without occupying too much space in your room.

6) Fewer Restrictions

It's a wise decision to purchase dumbbells rather than barbells. The design of barbells makes it difficult for the user to move their hands, which could be uncomfortable. However, if you utilise adjustable dumbbells, you won't have to be concerned about such limitations.

7) A set of adjustable dumbbells maximises muscle development

As you strengthen your muscles, you can continuously push yourself with adjustable dumbbells.

When you use a barbell, you activate the muscles asymmetrically, which results in disproportionate muscle growth.

With adjustable dumbbells that don't require manually changing weight plates, exercising with them can help address these imbalances because the weight is distributed uniformly.

9) Very Cheap!

Did I just say adjustable dumbbells are very cheap? Yes, I did, and I know some of you might not be able to digest it. How can adjustable dumbbells be so cheap when they cost so much more than regular dumbbells?

Let me tell you. If you want to lift different weights with regular dumbbells, you’ll have to buy multiple dumbbells separately, which will hit your bank a lot. It means, unless you buy a single regular dumbbell, they’re going to be very expensive for you.

On the other hand, adjustable dumbbells have to be bought only once, for $50 to $100. That’s a one-time investment, man. Also, you don’t have to buy the dumbbells separately. So, aren’t they very cheap for you?

As a result, adjustable dumbbells are relatively inexpensive in the long run.

10) Safer Exercises

A spotter is not necessary when using dumbbells. The risk of injury is therefore reduced. As soon as you lose your equilibrium, you just need to toss them out of the way.


The only thing you need to remember is to perform the exercises correctly to avoid injury. It is recommended that you always warm up and cool down before and after a workout on the Groom+Style website.


So, now you know why adjustable dumbbells are better than regular dumbbells.


Now, it’s time for me to answer some of your frequently asked questions. So, let’s just do that without wasting time.



1) Are adjustable dumbbells effective?

Yes, adjustable dumbbells are very effective as well as easy to use. They provide you with a lot of amazing exercise options that you can’t get with regular dumbbells.


2) Can you gain muscle from adjustable dumbbells?     

Yes, you can gain muscle from adjustable dumbbells, as they allow you to strengthen your muscles using different weights.


3) What are the benefits of dumbbells for weight loss?

When you use adjustable dumbbells to workout, it helps you lose weight as well. You're losing weight because you're working out your muscles, which causes a lot of sweat to flow through your body.


Final Words:


Now you know all the benefits of adjustable dumbbells. So should you buy them? Yes, you should definitely buy them if it’s possible for you. Because they will make exegeting much easier for you. That’s it. If you have any questions, you can leave them down below in the comment section. I’d love to help you out.

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