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5 Ways To Easily Stay Motivated to Exercise

When I started exercising, I was excited, motivated, and had lots of energy. After a couple of months, my excitement began to fade away, and my motivation turned into procrastination. I realized that if the same routine was going to be repeated every day, it was going to get really boring really quickly. That’s when I started to take action and make my own changes to stay motivated. After doing some research, I found several helpful tips that have since helped me stay on track with my exercise goals.


1. Be realistic and adapt your exercise routine to your lifestyle


If your life is already crowded, in this case, trying to maintain a good habit of exercise can become hellish. You need to think over and over again, can I really keep doing this for a long time? If the answer is no, then you need to make your life less rushed and crowded first. If the answer is yes, then go for it. Don't try to let undeveloped habits change your original way of life, but let undeveloped habits adapt to your original way of life. For example, instead of making time for running on a treadmill, get a fitness pal such as adjustable dumbbells and an adjustable workout bench that will not take too much of your space. 


2. Don't rely on motivation, do it again


People often think that it takes motivation to keep exercising. But sometimes the motivation doesn't appear on its own, and there's no motivation to do it? Obviously not. Waiting for motivation to come to you is a waste of time and willpower. Because waiting is a simple excuse to avoid taking action. So one way to stick to a habit is to not rely on motivation. Motivation is fragile, sometimes created on a whim, and sometimes lost silently. Instead of relying on motivation, act now. Action creates everything. Simply taking action doesn't depend on motivation, it just requires you to do something. Just like you don’t need to wait until you’re motivated to go for a walk, just go for a walk! Sometimes negative thoughts pop into your head and keep you from taking action. At this point, you need to tell them to go away, and it's your actions, not your thoughts, that can change reality.


3. Remember your workout goals and recall initial thoughts


When you lack the motivation to continue your exercise habit, take a step back and think back to your own initial thoughts, why are you trying to get into the exercise habit? Since the answer to this question motivates you to persist in making the change in the first place, then Now is also okay. Close your eyes and imagine yourself healthy and full of energy. Write down your fitness goals every day. These methods will help you stick to it.


4. Find a group of like-minded people


The power of groups cannot be ignored. With these like-minded people, the atmosphere will go a long way in helping you persevere. Focus on the positive effects of building exercise habits and ignore the negative ones. Getting back into the gym can be fun, but you should make your fitness goals realistic. The Flybird workout bench is a great way to exercise without putting too much strain on your body. If you want to break up workouts and add in some Pilates or Yoga routines, the Flybird workout bench can support that too.


5. Take some action to remind yourself to keep exercising


It's like "If you want to eat healthier, put fresh fruit on the counter and hide snacks." Seeing healthy foods will encourage you to choose healthy foods over chips or ice cream. Same, "If you want to work out in the morning, lay out your workout clothes the night before, and keep your workout bench by your bed, all of which will motivate you to keep exercising.

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