Do I Need a Bench For Workout Home: 5 Reasons Why

Do I Need a Bench For Workout Home: 5 Reasons Why

If there is one piece of equipment for the home gym you will be buying, make it a weight bench. You can achieve your health goals using a weight machine in many ways, but using one as a home gym makes it a perfect solution.


So, if you want to cut back on hundreds of dollars spent on the gym, get yourself a weight bench to create a gym within the comfort of home.


Let’s deep dive into “do I need a bench for workout home” and why a bench is necessar for a home gym.


Do I need a bench for workout home?


AThere are many ways a bench can help you positively influence your training goals. But Do you need a bench to work out?


This fitness equipment comes with some great advantages when it comes to reaching certain health goals.


1. Support


The bench helps you maintain correct posture with increased speed and efficiency when lifting weights. Since the benches are generally made of soft cushions, it ensures the user focuses on weight without losing their balance or causing other inconveniences.


2. Versatility


Not just lifting weights, with adjustable and foldable benches, you can perform a wide array of exercises when placed in different positions. Besides providing full-body training, it's an ideal option for those focusing on upper-body strength.


The multifunctional training bench is a great device with adjustable back angles, which are flat, tilt and drop. It improves flexibility and strengthens back muscles you work out at different angles.


3. Muscle tone


You can give your upper body a perfect shape with the help of a weight bench. The equipment is great for your joints, as bench press training with a weight bench helps reduce body fat. In addition to strengthening abdominal muscles, it helps increase bone density and flexibility.


4.  Increase upper body thrust


You can push more weight when performing bench presses on a weight bench. The more you can press, the more you can shoulder press, but you must do it correctly.


5.  Exercise muscles


Using a weight bench to do bench presses works the pectoralis major– an easy muscle to exercise and grow during the bench press. Pectoralis major is the muscle of the chest that makes the chest looks bigger and promotes horizontal stretching.


Moreover, during weight lifting, bench press works and strengthens the triceps in different ranges of motion. Your arms will appear great because of the bigger triceps. The other presses will carry over from the stronger triceps.


Things To Consider

So, what are the key factors when choosing a weight bench or home workout?


1. The weight bench has two types:


Adjustable bench: Backrests on adjustable benches can be angled and even lowered to various degrees. The backrest and seat usually have a slight gap between them since they are flexible.

A Flat bench: It is a single flush slab that is joined at the backrest and seat. It is more cost-effective, lighter, and requires less maintenance than an adjustable bench,


2. The frame should have a high weight capacity and fit your body type.


  • A bench with a wider backrest is preferable for people with broad shoulders and vice versa.
  • Ensure the weight rating is above the sum of your body weight and the highest weight you will be lifting. For instance, if your body weight is 200 pounds and you plan to lift a maximum of 240 pounds, the weight rating needs to be higher than 440 pounds.


3. Foot rollers must be removable.


  • Near the seat of some weight, benches are a set of foot rollers. You can do ab exercises or bodyweight leg curls using these foot rollers by sliding your legs between them (glute ham raises).
  • Make sure that the foot rollers up front are removable. They usually end up being an obstacle, especially when performing pressing exercises.


4. Look for sufficient padding and thick upholstery.


You typically push your body up against the frame on a bench while lifting weights. The frame should have a thick layer of 2-3" high-density foam to ensure your lifting comfort. It also helps protect your back from injury when pressing directly on the hard bench,


Additionally, check the upholstery's thickness because thin upholstery tends to rip off very fast.


5. Accessories


For example, a preacher curl attachment or a leg extension attachment can be fitted to some benches. If these are important to you, invest in a bench that can accommodate them.


You may either buy these accessories included with the bench or get these accessories separately to fit in such a bench.


6. Height of bench


When lying on the bench, you should be able to put both feet flat on the ground. Measure how high or low it must be for you to accomplish it.


7. Length/Width


You will be more comfortable on a slightly wider bench if you are a big person, though it may be harder to find one. Likewise, you will need a longer bench if you are tall. It would help if you had a bench that is at least as long as the measurement between the inside of your knee and the top of your head, plus an additional 1-2 inches.


8. Back clearance


More or less clearance may be available at the back on adjustable benches. It is a distance from the back footing of the bench to the top of the head of the bench).


For instance, if your bench has a back footing that is 24 inches behind the bench's head when it is inclined, it won't fit behind your smith machine but is perfect for your power rack. Consider whether you need the bench to work behind or in front of particular equipment.




You might want a weight bench for quite a few reasons if you are not going to the gym. Why not get equipment for your home? With so many benefits you are going to get, a weight bench might be the perfect addition to your home gym.


Consider all the above factors when stepping into the market to get the best weight bench per your preferences. Once you get this versatile piece home, consult your gym instructor to help you work out efficiently and correctly.


We hope this article helped you guide “do i need a bench for workout home?”

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