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Flybird Easy Grip Olympic Bumper Plates

Flybird Easy Grip Olympic Bumper Plates

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Why bumper plates?

Bumper plates are made of rubber with a metal insert in the middle. They are meant to be dropped to the ground after completing a lift such as an Olympic lift, a deadlift, etc.

Compared to metal plates, they are quieter and much more friendly to the floor and therefore are great for home gym/garage gym uses.

Remember, bumper plates can be used for more exercises than those involving a barbell. Exercises that you can do with bumper plates:

  • Deadlift
  • Squat
  • Bench Press
  • Olympic Lifts
  • Lunge
  • Plate Drag
  • Russian Twist, etc.

Why Flybird Easy Grip Olympic Bumper Plates (Model: Feierdun)?

These plates are worth every penny. Check the following out.

Key Features:

【Proudly Innovative Grip Design】

Don't you just hate it when you are in the heat of lifting, having completed a heavy rep and all pumped to add two 45-pounders to the barbell, but just can't get them off the floor?

I hear you. That can really pull you out of the zone!

This is exactly why we added the innovative grip design to these plates to eliminate that problem once and for all! The design of the edge always leaves space between the plate and the floor, allowing you to grip it and lift it off the floor super easily.

【Extremely Durable 100% Virgin Natural Rubber】

We picked only the finest materials. Quality control is rigorous. And the tests are relentless. We make sure that these plates are made for the most intense workouts.

【Special Care Went Into the Design and Production of the 10-Pound Plates】

They may tell you not to drop the 10-pound plates. We encourage you to drop them!

Because we specifically upgraded the 10-pounders to make them more durable.

Go ahead! Drop away!

【Extremely Durable Stainless Steel Insert】

It withstood numerous drop tests in the factory, staying right where it belongs without budging an inch!

No need to worry about it coming off or breaking.

【 High-Quality Rubber Coating】

This not only protects the plates from corrosion and wear but also gives the surface a nice texture that prevents them from slipping out of your hands.

【Low, Dead Bounce & Low, Dead Noise】

When designing the product, we took into full account the fact that bumper plates should not bounce up to your waist after being dropped and cause your neighbor's passive-aggressive complaints.

Our plates have a low, dead bounce and make little noise.

【Load More Weights Thanks to the Thin Plates】

 Our patented design allows us to reduce the thickness of these plates, by an impressive amount, I might add.


  • 10LB: 0.83''
  • 15LB: 0.98''
  • 35LB: 1.57''
  • 45LB: 2.05''

These are very impressive numbers. You know it if you have used bumper plates before! You can load more weights on your barbell to really push your strength gain. In addition, you can do other exercises such as the lunge and plate drags in a less cumbersome way!

【No Odor】

Rest assured. They will absolutely not stink up your garage or living room.

In addition to the 100% natural rubber, which does not emit offensive odors, the plates are treated with a unique curing process that eliminates any offensive odor.

【They Look Pretty, Don't They?】

Looks matter, too!

We know you want to look good in the training videos you share with your friends or on Instagram!

That's why we made sure all these plates look beautiful!

【IWF Specs】

 We calibrate our plates beyond IWF standards and now maintain a tight tolerance of +/- 1%. The plates are 450mm/17.72 inches in diameter with a 50.5mm center hole for a precise and secure fit on 2" Olympic barbells.

【2-Year Warranty】

Being passionate about the products ourselves and eager to help you build your physique and strength, we are very quick in responding to your needs.

Reach out if you have any questions!


Size: 450mm/17.72 inches in diameter

Opening Diameter: 50.5mm/2 inches, compatible with Olympic weightlifting bars & powerlifting bars


  • 10LB: 0.83''
  • 15LB: 0.98''
  • 35LB: 1.57''
  • 45LB: 2.05''


  • 10LB:  85
  • 15LB:  85
  • 35LB:  90
  • 45LB:  90
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Flybird Easy Grip Olympic Bumper Plates
Regular price $69.99
Regular price $109.99 Sale price $69.99
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Work great!

These plates are great! I love the rubber plates because I don't have to worry so much about dropping them. They fit perfectly on my 2�� bar. They are true to their weight. I know sometimes weights can be off a tad, but these are accurate.

Flybird Fitness Flybird Easy Grip Olympic Bumper Plates Review

Excellent weight plates

These Olympic bumper plates are sturdy, durable, fun to use, and made with high premium quality material. The color and design of this product are modern and sleek and the appearance provides you with an added motivational boost/feeling when working out. These plates do not have any unpleasant rubber smell just like the other weight plates. Also, the weight of these plates is accurate, fits my Olympic bar perfectly, and they look great.

Flybird Fitness Flybird Easy Grip Olympic Bumper Plates Review
J. Crump

Worth the price

Good quality bumper plates that are the actual weight listed. I added these to my home gym and I am very happy with these. These work perfectly for my squat bar. Very happy with these plates

Flybird Fitness Flybird Easy Grip Olympic Bumper Plates ReviewFlybird Fitness Flybird Easy Grip Olympic Bumper Plates Review
Reviews a.

Great plates.

These plates are accurate in weight. I love that they are all black, including the lettering.

Flybird Fitness Flybird Easy Grip Olympic Bumper Plates Review